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Are you looking for unique, original artwork that makes a bold statement, making any room special? Want skillfully crafted artwork that will stand out and delight the viewer?

Welcome to New Creation Paper Art Studio!


Paper mache artworks come alive in your environment.
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Hello! Nice to meet you!
My name is Sarah Dennis, Christian paper mache artist from Kronenwetter, Wisconsin. I love paper mache...I mean, I love it!! I have been creating original paper mache artworks since 2004.
Art is my place, it is home. An encouraged artist since childhood, I took up art as a major in college. I was magnetized toward painting, falling in love with the texture created with oil paint. The more paint that could be applied to the canvas the better! But do you have any idea how long that stuff takes to dry?!! A LONG TIME...LONG TIME...VERY EXPENSIVE!! In search of a way to create even more texture, on the cheap, that dried relatively quickly...I recalled using paper mache in a previous sculpture class, as cheap and versatile building materials! Boy that would be texture all right! I thought about why I couldn’t just build something right on a canvas, and voila'! I made my very first mache piece! I was COMPLETELY HOOKED! I started making piece after piece, challenging myself with the subject was the most fun I ever had creating art! Needless to say, this started something…and here I am! I have a total blast making these pieces! I have dedicated my work to glorifying the Lord, and He has richly blessed our time together.

God spoke to my heart when I decided to start pursuing my art as more than a hobby. He opened my eyes to using art as a mission field, I could use my art to spread the gospel. The mission of New Creation Art Studio is to give glory to God, spread joy through original artworks, and to spread the hope of Jesus Christ. 10% of the sale of each piece of artwork will be donated organizations which provide bibles to all who desire to learn who God is, how He feels about us and His plans for our life. Together we can bring His light to the world.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
God bless you!

  The Mission.

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Have an idea that you would love to have on your wall?

Don't see exactly what you are searching for?

Dreaming of a piece of artwork that meets your specific needs?

I take commissions! Let me tell you how it works...

Drop me an email with the idea you are excited about, I'll send you one back in 2-3 days with my thoughts and an estimate, if it's a go, you'll provide 50% deposit and I'll get to work! 

I'll provide pictures to document the process of creating your original piece of artwork!


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