About the mache

Welcome to New Creation Art Studio! If you are crazy about paper mache, or just discovering it for the first time... you are in good company! #lovemakinmache #papermachismypassion #mache all day!

 I strive to keep learning about my materials and growing in their capabilities, so my stuff is always evolving! Pieces made in this studio are hand-built with great attention to detail. Each piece is an original piece of artwork, there are no duplicates. 


Paper Mache

How's it made?

Each piece begins with an idea. I am always scouting out great mache ideas, that get me excited to make! I keep pictures, clippings, screen shots and an idea book on the ready for the next build day. 

The process begins with a wooden canvas; each being constructed by hand. Wooden canvas' are important because paper mache requires a strong base that will be able to withstand the weight of the armature and most importantly the wet paper. I then choose an armature, sometimes found in my recycling bin! Other times constructed from the paper itself. I cover the armature in the mache mixture and newsprint. I really love the look of the newsprint and often choose to keep the natural beauty of this as a focal point in the piece, so I take care to monitor what colors I am using, where they are placed and try to be cognizant of the words that may show through, though it's newsprint, so I can't be that particular! When the build is complete it's dry time. Dry times vary based upon the armature, the house temperature or outdoor exposure, and the size of the piece. 

An amazingly fun time comes when I get to start icing! I think of it like cake decorating...the icing makes the cake! 

This is the time that I get to play! Yarn, wire, torn paper collage, watercolor, oil pastels and other mixed media make the piece come alive! I have been trying out more and more materials, based upon the pieces being created.

I hope these pieces bring much joy to your home, office, store, coffee shop, play area and more! Know that each piece has been individually prayed over before shipping. All glory to God the Father...be blessed!