Idea, Idea...anyone got an idea? 3 ideas to instant inspiration!

You love creating, it is the best right? Your groove...your jam....the place you feel so...YOU! Awesome! Me too!! Now, if you just had an idea. Maybe it's artist's block, maybe you're bored, maybe you are brand new to the whole actually creating thing. Well, I have some ideas to help you get that idea!

*Get OUTDOORS! Go for a walk, run, bike...whatever gets you outside moving. Keep your eyes open and ready to find inspiration all around you! Maybe it's that amazing tree that you can't take your eyes off of. Maybe the color of the sky, or the clouds, the shadows on the snow, a bird hopping on the ground or the endless natural materials like leaves, pinecones, wild name it! Get outside and see what a treasure trove of inspiration it holds!

*Get to the art supply store! This is a personal favorite...there is nothing quite like getting into a vast sea of art supplies to get my creative juices flowing! Browsing aisle to aisle I get so inspired that I wanna crack open the supplies and get going right there in the store!! Be open to find inspiration anywhere, artworks and home décor, stickers, materials like yarn, baskets, wooden shapes, paint colors, jewelry making supplies and charms, the opportunities for inspiration are endless! Make sure you have your phone on the ready so that you can snap pics of the things that get you excited! Be warned, browsing the arts and crafts store can end up in a two hour browse and may cause an overload of ideas!!

*Get to the library or book store! At the book store you can grab a latte ideas! Grab a coffee and get browsing! Look at art magazines, art books, books on your favorite topic like flowers, animals, landscapes, gardening! Once again, take pics! Its a lot cheaper than buying the vast number of materials you'll find inspiring. Bet you fill your phone with a year's worth of ideas to get you started! Another often overlooked place to go crazy with ideas is the library! I love it there! At my library I can get endless access to books, a variety of magazines on all different topics from architecture to textiles and yep, art! Check out some books from famous museums, artworks, or techniques! You will find a treasure trove of inspiration that you can draw from time and again! I have even taken my drawings and sat down to art with my earbuds in and had a mother stop me to ask if she could commission me to draw a portrait of her child! And best of all, IT'S FREE!

Hope you are moved to throw on your shoes and head out the door to give them a try! Happy Arting!

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