They are My Sheep and My Sheep Know My Voice

They are My Sheep and My Sheep Know My Voice


This piece began with a hand-built wooden canvas, an armature is created from recyclables, to which paper mache is applied. Once the piece has dried and is ready, the icing begins! I get to make the piece come to life! I use acrylic paint along with torn magazine pages for collage, along with other mixed media such as: yarn, wire, rope, and whatever materials would make the piece come to life! This piece uses acrylic paint, torn paper collage and yarn, to make this fun guy come alive! I hope this piece becomes a statement in almost any room of your home! It would also make an awesome gift for any occasion! What a surprise!! This piece would become a focal point in a nursery, children's room, dining room, living room, bedroom, waiting room, office space or business! The piece is coated in a sealant, but it is not to be used in places where moisture will be present! Paper doesn't like moisture!

  • Return Policy

    If your piece of artwork arrives damaged in any way I will make every effort to make repairs to the work's original condition. Please take clear photos of the packaging, if it is damaged in any way, and of the damage to the artwork itself. Please send the photos to my shop number 715-470-7658, or to my shop email at Due to the nature of the product you are buying, I cannot replace artwork with another product.
    Any damage that takes place outside of shipping, I am willing to offer repairs for a determined rate of $20.00 per hour. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.

    Please contact me with any other concerns or questions, or special orders!

  • Personalization Option

    I will try to add a name or word(s) that may fit. Message me to make request and I will try to accommodate, please indicate if you want the words on the front or the back. I will then send a return pic for approval before completing piece.